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"Marketing Accelerator Round Table gives me opportunities to listen, learn, share and expand my mind and grow as a marketer."

Mary Eisnaugle
VP of Marketing—Lykins Energy Solutions

"I get ready-to-use-right-now ideas from the Marketing Accelerator Round Table."

Dave Myers
Founder—Office Key

"Drew Dinkelacker’s Chief Marketing Officer wisdom is building the best marketed businesses along the I-75 corridor. "

Joe Hinson
President—West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance

"Drew is a both a MASTER strategist AND instructor. He got inside my head and completely changed my mindset about marketing strategy and tactics."

Delmar Davis
Founder—Davis Kinney Media Group

Who is The Marketing Accelerator?

Drew Dinkelacker is a business owner, son of a business owner, team leader, speaker, author, gardener, cook and, Super Bowl commercial fanatic.

For over two decades, he has successfully guided, encouraged, and challenged business and marketing leaders through the marketing minefield.

From producing and directing video programs in Hawaii to Ukraine, working both sides of marketing and sales in the corporate setting and as a CMO-for-Hire, Drew has been crafting messages, developing strategies, and leading marketing teams for over 30 years.


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