From Drew Dinkelacker, Author of "You Can't Lead What You Don't Understand—Seven Questions You MUST Answer To Stop Wasting Marketing Money On Fads, Trends, and Shiny Objects"


Building Your Marketing Flywheel

Online On-demand Course

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If you are a business owner or marketing decision-maker, this may be the most impactful training you will ever experience.

Understand the buried strengths and hidden sources of drag to maximize your marketing performance.

Solve Your Marketing Mystery...

The answers you seek are not buried in your marketing data.

  • Are you paralyzed by a tsunami of analytics?
  • Are your advertising tactics underperforming?
  • Have you lost confidence in your ability to attract prospects?
  • Are you just plain tired of pouring money down the black hole of advertising?

Simplify your marketing, improve your strategy, and get better results. The problem is probably not your tactics. The problem might be your strategy. The problem could be your brand. The answer can be FOUND in your Marketing Flywheel™.

You Are BUSY. This Course is ACCELERATED.

Each module is just 10-15 minutes long and content-rich with the insights and perspectives you will need to make better marketing decisions. 

The course is offered in an online, on-demand format. Study the modules at your own pace 24/7. Access never expires.



  1. Hidden Levers  - 12:13
    Learn why most Marketing Flywheels operate unseen
  2. Flywheel Failures - 12:21
    Avoid these examples of flawed flywheels
  3. Build Your Flywheel Overview - 8:59
    Follow the map to flywheel success
  4. Setting Up Success - 8:09
    Avoid being doomed to failure with the correct starting sequence
  5. Build Your Brand - 11:38
    Who are you and why does it matter
  6. Build Your Tribe - 9:42
    You want to be a leader - You'll need followers
  7. Uncover Your Deliverable - 10:48
    Uncover what the customer truly values - it may surprise you
  8. Separate Your Strategy - 12:51
    These are the 3 strategies EVERY business needs
  9. Manage Your Message - 11:37
    Your words matter - select them carefully
  10. Connections—More Than Advertising - 9:17
    To many advertising tactics? Follow the decision-tree to find the best path to connect with prospects


Your Marketing Flywheel™ can be a WELL-OILED MACHINE that churns out leads, prospects, and customers.

Or maybe it is a PAST PERFORMER that has lost its zip.  Could it be a MYSTERY MACHINE that you've never understood?  Maybe it simply is a rusted-out CLUNKER that needs to be replaced...but with what?

Every business has a Marketing Flywheel
Most ignore it at their own peril.

The Marketing Flywheel™ encompasses the totality of your brand, tribe, deliverables, strategy, message, connections and goals working together to attract and retain profitable customers.

Few flywheels excel.
Most underperform.
Discover the difference with this course.


Drew Dinkelacker
is the Marketing Accelerator.

For over a decade, Drew has successfully guided
business owners and executive teams through the
minefield known as the marketplace.  His insights
and recommendations have been key factors for
growing businesses throughout the Midwest.


"The Marketing Flywheel simplified the marketing process so that I could make better strategic decisions. It is the foundation for the success of our marketing efforts at ProMaster Home Repair. "

Don Kennedy
President, Pro Master Home Repair

"Drew is a both a MASTER strategist AND instructor. His engagements with us have been hugely important to our success, but taking his course helped me to actually think like a marketer. He got inside my head and completely changed my mindset about marketing strategy and tactics."

Delmar Davis
Founder & CEO, Davis Kinney Group

"At Positive Leaps, we rely on Drew Dinkelacker’s marketing wisdom to make strategic marketing decisions. His Marketing Flywheel™ drives our strategy."

Sheree Lynch, RN
Founder, Positive Leaps

"Drew Dinkelacker’s Chief Marketing Officer wisdom is helping build the best marketed businesses along the I-75 corridor."

Joe Hinson
President & CEO, West Chester—Liberty Chamber Alliance

This Course Is Designed For...

Business Owners. Overwhelmed by marketing options? Simplify your marketing effort with this course.

Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs. You need someone to walk with you through building your Marketing Flywheel™. I’m ready.

Non-Marketers / Decision Makers. You aren’t a marketer but you have responsibility for that function in your company. Get educated so you can ask your marketing team the questions they need to answer.

Marketers. They don’t teach this stuff in school. Get your company’s Marketing Flywheel™ creating velocity to profit and you will be a hero!

Graphic Designers. There are plenty of talented designers in the marketplace, but few understand how their efforts impact a client’s Marketing Flywheel™. This knowledge can separate you from your competition.


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