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The Marketing Accelerator:

You Can't Lead What You Don't Understand

Seven Questions You MUST Answer To Stop Wasting Marketing Money

On Fads, Trends, and Shiny Objects

From the Desk of Drew Dinkelacker
Founder of

Dear Friend—

If you are frustrated from pouring hard-earned dollars into the black hole of marketing…

If you feel that 50% of your marketing effort is wasted, but you don’t know which 50%...

If you are tired of flinging “marketing mud” just to see what sticks in the marketplace...

Then this book is absolutely for you.

I’m going to show you how to...

  • Be more successful.
  • Be more confident in your own marketing decision-making.
  • Avoid chasing the latest marketing “shiny object.”
  • Stop wasting money on ineffective campaigns.

The REALLY Good News

You can SIMPLIFY your marketing decision making, and STOP WASTING your marketing money, effort, and time.


Through identifying and understanding the Hidden Levers of the Marketing Flywheel, you will be able to find and correct the mistakes that are causing drag on your marketing efforts.

Every company has a Marketing Flywheel. Including yours. Most ignore it at their peril, but it can become one of your company’s greatest assets.

When you understand and align each spoke of the Marketing Flywheel, you can purposefully attract profitable customers and transform your results.


This book will help you build a reliable, predictable, dependable marketing machine—one whose parts work together to accelerate your business goals.

But (Important Disclaimer)...

If you are not willing to answer these 7 thought-provoking questions that will give you a new perspective by taking you through a hard look at your preconceived notions about marketing…

Or if you are not prepared to discover what your customer truly wants (it may not be what you think)…

Or if you can’t accept the fact that your marketing strategy is very likely incomplete…

Then my book isn’t for you.

There is plenty of marketing advice offering one-size-fits-all, turn-key, tactical "answers."

(Which you probably have already tried.)

But if you want to drastically improve your understanding of how to strategically market YOUR company and how to make it work for YOU...

Then this book is absolutely for you.

What You’re Getting

The Marketing Accelerator: You Can’t Lead What You Don’t Understand is a super-practical, straightforward, step-by-step guide that will show you how to create your own streamlined marketing machine.

And unlike most business books, it's an accelerated read. At just over 100 pages, you can knock it out in a session or two.

When you’re finished you’ll have the process for creating a customized marketing machine for accelerating sales growth without wasting precious resources. (Or jeopardizing your sanity!)

Here’s Just SOME of What You’ll Discover

The 7 questions you MUST answer to stop wasting marketing money 
on fads, trends, and shiny objects.

✔ Why ROI on particular marketing tactics is so hard to measure AND why it’s the wrong metric in the first place.

✔ The 5 ways business owners waste marketing money out of frustration and ignorance.

✔ The paradox of how to accelerate your marketing effectiveness by focusing on reducing drag.

The six foundational levers that serve your marketing goals, and how these sync with your business goals. (Preview: you are ignoring several key levers.)

✔ How to self-assess what’s causing the drag on your marketing efforts.

✔ The 6 key reasons we fail to accomplish our business goals.

✔ The proper (but counterintuitive) relationship between business goals and marketing objectives.

✔ A simple, practical definition of the most abused term in marketing: brand.

✔ How your mission, vision, and core values serve your brand (or don’t).

✔ The 4 steps to identifying your “Angel” customers—those who generate 80% of your revenue, love you, and whom you love to work with.

✔ The 2 questions you need to answer to know the true deliverable your customer is seeking.

✔ Why the most important point of difference you see between you and your competitor may not be worth anything.

✔ A simple, practical definition of the second most abused term in marketing: strategy.

✔ The only 3 strategies you need for a complete marketing plan.

✔ The 5 simple questions that reveal the effectiveness of your message.

✔ The important distinctions between Core Message, Tagline, and Unique Selling Proposition, and why it matters. (Note: most leaders get these wrong.)

✔ The most important and final step to building your marketing machine that everyone makes the mistake of trying to do first.

What To Do Next

In short...

GET THIS BOOK before you spend one more minute of marketing-decision frustration or one more wasted marketing dollar!

You'll find it to be super practical and valuable—accelerated and simplified.

And if for whatever reason you don't, just let me know and I'll get you a prompt refund, no hassle, no questions asked, AND you can keep the book.

I'm that confident this book will save you money and spare you frustration.

Yes, I Want the Book!

The Marketing Accelerator: You Can't Lead What You Don't Understand



"I’ve read many different marketing books, but 'You Can’t Lead What You Don’t Understand' is like the cliff notes of 50 different books combined. Written with simple and concise business language and examples, this book pierces through the cloud of marketing confusion to help you make wise steps to achieve your goals. It is a must read for all of my marketing team."

Bob Robinson, Sr.
Founder & President, Kaivac Cleaning Systems

"Wow! The wisdom and practical application of critical, proven marketing principles in Drew's book is top drawer! This is stuff that I have known to be true in my 30+ years in leading global businesses, in the technology industry as well as in services. The Marketing Flywheel is a highly effective system for anybody seeking to improve their overall marketing and business ROI."

Dave Decker
30+ Year Sales Leader, SalesCORE

Drew Dinkelacker is a business owner, son of a business owner, team leader, speaker, author, gardener, cook, and Super Bowl commercial fanatic.

For over two decades, he has guided business and marketing leaders through the marketing minefield.

While working both sides of marketing and sales in the corporate setting and as a CMO-for-Hire, Drew has been crafting messages, developing strategies, and leading marketing teams for over 30 years.


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