The Secret to Marketing Leadership

How To Stop Repeating Past Mistakes, Learn New Strategic Thinking
and Quit Second Guessing Yourself

From the Desk of Drew Dinkelacker
Founder of

Dear Friend,

Are you leading  the marketing effort in your organization?

Will you be held accountable for marketing's success or failure? 

Then what I have to share may change how you do business.

I recently discovered a solution to many marketing struggles, obstacles, and—let’s admit it—failures.

My discovery will remove an enormous burden from your shoulders, save you a lot of money (and perhaps your business or job), and remind you why you came to love marketing in the first place.

I’m going to show you how to...

  • Be more successful.
  • Be more confident in your own decision-making.
  • Avoid chasing the latest marketing “shiny object.”
  • Stop wasting money on ineffective campaigns.

Your Problem and Pain

As both a business leader and marketing leader, you can find yourself...

  • Isolated in your role.
  • Exhausted by the constant evolution of the advertising landscape (don’t even get me started on the social media world).
  • Worn down by the never-ending demands of plan execution, creative development, KPIs, and brand promotion.
  • Struggling to hold yourself accountable for your marketing decisions when you’re not really sure of yourself to begin with.

Whatever happened to the “marketing is the creative, fun side of business” thing?

You have nowhere to turn. No one to trust. No peers with your experience, or understanding of your particular set of challenges.

You have no safe place to go test ideas and strategies.

Until Now...

After years of offering my CMO-for-hire services I have found what we marketing leaders REALLY need to stay successful, happy, healthy, and sane in this new world.

It’s NOT more knowledge, information, tactics, campaigns, funnels, offers, automation, doo-dads, or the myriad of other shiny marketing objects and trends.


Insight is the ability to sort through clutter, chaos, misinformation, and disinformation.

Insight is the distillation of experience into the wisdom of simplification.

Insight is the clarity to rely upon the fundamentals of marketing that have worked ever since people have been selling things, and to see how these principles still apply.

I Have Created an Insight Laboratory Just for You

The Marketing Accelerator Round Table is an exclusively marketing-focused small group of leaders who gather to form a powerful brain trust for each other’s benefit.

Members gather to build confidence in their decisions, compare ideas, encourage and challenge each other’s plans.

Members gain insight about upcoming campaigns, brainstorm solutions to marketing obstacles, and share successes and failures for the benefit of all.

I started facilitating my first Marketing Accelerator Round Table in January 2015, and the results have been powerful beyond anything I imagined—greater than the sum of the parts.

Yes, I bring 18 successful years of CMO-for-hire experience to the table. Yes, I’m a voting panelist on USA Today’s Ad Meter rating of Super Bowl commercials. Yes, I’ve traveled the world producing compelling messages and business strategies...

And you get access to all my skills and experience...

But that’s NOT why the MAGIC happens...

The Magic of Partnership

The Marketing Accelerator Round Table is NOT a social club or a networking event. Strong relationships and camaraderie naturally form, but that is not our primary purpose.

And creating space to sell services to members is not why we gather either. Members may certainly end up contracting with each other, but it also is not the purpose of our gathering and should not be the intent of joining.

We gather for a very specific purpose: to make better strategic marketing decisions and to learn from each other.

That’s the MAGIC.

We accomplish together what none of us can do separately.

Don't Let Someone Else Get Your Seat!

Membership is based on role, category of business and annual marketing budget. 
A screening process is required for all applicants to determine which type of our marketing-focused round tables are the best fit for them.

CLICK TO APPLY NOW - It just takes 2 minutes

Join the Marketing Accelerator Round Table

If you want to...

  • Get feedback before rolling out campaigns to customers (or even your own leadership team).
  • Harness the power and experience of this unique brain trust to resolve the obstacles hindering your progress. Whatever you are struggling with someone else has already overcome.
  • Celebrate your successes by sharing your goals and financials.
  • Learn from postmortem analysis of failures. These are some the most informative discussions because you learn what NOT to do.
  • Benefit from my 17 years of success as a CMO-for-hire.
  • Discover how the Marketing Flywheel will clarify and simplify every marketing decision you make.

The Marketing Accelerator Round Table will help you...

  • Know the limitations of your own viewpoint in order to make wiser decisions by vetting multiple viewpoints from other professionals.
  • Eliminate overwhelm by learning to simplify.
  • Never make another decision based on someone else’s hopeful opinion. Base it on a colleague’s actual experience, instead.
  • Find marketing wisdom, learning from other’s mistakes rather than your own.
  • Use a brain trust to exponentially expand your business experience resource.
  • Bolster your confidence in decision-making. Never make another big decision in isolation.
  • Hear a fresh perspective not contaminated by your own thought patterns or organizational bias or habit.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to lead.
  • Ask tough questions to a group of supportive peers, rather than a boss or team member.

Member Requirements

For consideration as a member of the Marketing Accelerator Round Table you must...

  • be the business and/or marketing leader for your organization
  • have marketing budget authority
  • commit to attend each  session - we only gather  a handful of times throughout the year
  • arrive prepared for each session


What You Get

Here is what you get when you join:

  • Six half-day sessions per year held in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Virtual attendance as an option (we have the tech)
  • Exclusively marketing-focused content
  • Small group size
  • Sessions can feature:
    • Curriculum taught by Drew Dinkelacker relevant to the Marketing Flywheel and applicable to your business
    • Dedicated "in the trenches" time for selected members to tap into the wisdom of the brain trust  to preview campaigns, get feedback, and share an analysis or brainstorm a marketing challenge.
    • Guest experts to educate members on relevant topics

Your BONUS for Joining Now

Receive complimentary access to Marketing Accelerator University for yourself AND your team.

The Build Your Marketing Flywheel online on-demand course encompasses the totality of your brand, tribe, deliverables, strategy, message, connections, and goals working together to attract and retain profitable customers.

Your team is BUSY. This course is ACCELERATED.

Each module is just 10-15 minutes long and content-rich with the insights and perspectives you will need to make better marketing decisions. 

Every business has a Marketing Flywheel. Most ignore it at their own peril.

Few flywheels excel. Most underperform. Discover the difference with this course.

Once the application is submitted, you will be scheduled for a brief discussion regarding your expectations and details about the schedule and fees. 

Submitting the application is NOT a commitment to participate.

It’s just the first step in our getting to know each other a bit better to see how you may benefit from membership.

Don't Let Someone Else Get Your Seat!

Membership is based on role, category of business and annual marketing budget.  A screening process is required for all applicants to determine which type of our marketing-focused round tables are the best fit for them.

CLICK TO APPLY NOW - It takes just 2 minutes!

Current Round Table Has Openings for 2020

These seats must be non-competitive to current members. They will go fast.

Contact me today to be considered for membership in 2020!

Best Regards,

P.S. If you're the kind of person who just forwards to the P.S. (which I confess to sometimes), here's the super-quick overview: I'm opening membership to my marketing round tables for a limited time. Apply today for consideration to join in 2020. Get the coaching and support you need to find marketing leadership MASTERY!

Who is The Marketing Accelerator?

Drew Dinkelacker is a business owner, son of a business owner, team leader, speaker, author, gardener, cook and, Super Bowl commercial fanatic.

For over two decades, he has successfully guided, encouraged, and challenged business and marketing leaders through the marketing minefield.

From producing and directing video programs in Hawaii to Ukraine, working both sides of marketing and sales in the corporate setting and as a CMO-for-Hire, Drew has been crafting messages, developing strategies, and leading marketing teams for over 30 years.


Here's what one member had to say about their experience with the Marketing Accelerator Round Table.


"Marketing Accelerator Round Table gives me opportunities to listen, learn, share and expand my mind and grow as a marketer."

Mary Eisnaugle
VP of Marketing—Lykins Energy Solutions

"I get ready-to-use-right-now ideas from the Marketing Accelerator Round Table."

Dave Myers
Founder—Office Key

"Drew Dinkelacker’s Chief Marketing Officer wisdom is building the best marketed businesses along the I-75 corridor. "

Joe Hinson
President—West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance

"Drew is a both a MASTER strategist AND instructor. His engagements with us have been hugely important to our success. He got inside my head and completely changed my mindset about marketing strategy and tactics."

Delmar Davis
Founder—Davis Kinney Media Group

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